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At KofSports we deliver outstanding results across three key areas: Sports Betting Picks, Sports News, and Sports Entertainment.

Sports Betting Picks

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We provide sports betting picks and predictions every day with in depth analysis, stats, and trends for each pick. Our hard work, transparency, and customer relationships put us at the TOP of the sports betting industry.

Sports News

KofSports News - the Washington Nationals win the World Series

Check in for the most recent sports news and updates. We keep the sports world updated with unfiltered sports coverage. We tell it like it is.

Sports Entertainment

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We provide other various types of entertainment and you can catch all of that by following on Twitter or Instagram, Liking us on Facebook, and Subscribing to us on Youtube.

VIP Picks

Our VIP picks include 1-3 picks per day with in depth analysis. You can SIGN UP for a 3 day, weekly, or monthly membership and you log in to see the picks each day. All of these picks are documented and we have been 60%+ across all Major American Sports since 2015.

Free Picks

You can also join our free pick email list below to get free picks sent directly to your email. Note that we only send free picks 1-2 times per week as our primary focus is on our VIP and Daily picks.

KofSports was founded in 2015 because it was and still is, something that Kof is very passionate about – sports betting picks, sports news, and sports entertainment. Every. Single. Day. KofSports became the powerhouse that it is today by building credibility since 2015. We accomplished this by being transparent about wins and losses, providing quality analysis consistently, and building customer relationships. Anyone (and everyone else) in the sports betting industry can claim to be #1 and be the best to ever walk the face of the Earth. However, the KofSports team let their hard work, dedication, and most importantly, RESULTS speak for themselves. Win or lose, we own up to it and continue to put out valuable information every single day. All picks are documented and KofSports has been 60%+ across all major American sports since 2015.