The NBA is talking about finishing the regular season and playoffs at one site with no fans. The league has a contract with regional networks that requires a minimum of 70 regular season games and most teams are in the mid 60’s right now. A 5-7 game finish to the regular season would be a good warmup for the teams who are going to move on to the playoffs and a sad finish to a shortened season for the teams like the Warriors who are mathematically already eliminated from the playoffs even if every game of the regular season is played out.

Some of the possible sites for this unusual finish that are being talked about are UNLV in Las Vegas (there couldn’t be a better place than Vegas), Bahamas, Orlando, Atlantic City, Hawaii, and Louisville. They also threw out the potential of finishing the season on cruise ships. They are saying the best case scenario is to start up the season Obviously the solutions suck for everyone because fans won’t be able to attend the games although the games will still be televised which would be better than not having the games played at all. It will also give bettors like you and me the opportunity to bet on the games.

They are saying that anything is on the table for the playoffs from three game playoff to a single elimination format. Single elimination would suck for the higher seeded teams because usually the best team comes out of a best of seven standard series but anything can happen in one game. It’ll be interesting to see what the NBA comes up with for a solution. For now, it sounds like they are going to broadcast a fucking 2k tournament on ESPN. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?

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