Former NFL running back Chris Johnson has been accused of paying a gang member to kill the two guys that shot him and killed his friend back in 2015. Of course, it’s important to realize that these are, “accusations” at this point but looking at the timeline and facts of what happened, it makes all the fucking sense in the world.

March 2015 – Chris Johnson is shot in drive by shooting, he recovers but his friend who was driving died as a result of the shooting.

January 2016 – one of the “suspected” shooters from the 2015 shooting is murdered.

July 2016 – the second “suspected” shooter from the 2015 shooting is murdered.

April 2020 – Chris Johnson is being accused of hiring one of his boys to take care of the two motherfuckers who shot him and his other boy.

That’s how this shit works. We never want to believe that these athletes are involved with shit like this but it’s a reality.

To add some more fuel to the speculation, it’s already been proven that Johnson provided funds to the shooter of the 2016 murders in the past to run and organize a drug ring. Not a good look for CJ. Here’s how he responded a few hours ago:

I really hope he still has his speed because he’s going to need it.

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