So what did you do with your Saturday? I bet it wasn’t as productive as the horse bettor who turned $0.50 into $524,966.50. The better hit the Gulfstream Park pick 5 and turned his two quarters into over half of a million dollars. Twinspires reports that this was the fifth highest payout for a Pick 5 in horse racing history. Here’s a look at the long shots that came in for this bettor:

Freddy Soto (20/1), Union Lane (20/1), He’s a Babe (20/1), Enzoexpress (7/5), & Lashara (8/1)

Closing odds per Horse Racing Nation.

These are the moments that bettors dream about and are the reason why we play! It’s not that often that you see people turning $0.50 into $524k but it’s great to see it! I tried to reach out to get some comments from the winning bettor but I’m assuming he’s probably still recovering from a long night of celebrating. Well deserved and take it all in one lump sum buddy!! 💰

With major American sports on hold for the time being, horse racing is the best option for bettors to get their action in. Put your big money on high percentage plays but always take a few small chances on long shot bets with H-U-G-E potential payouts, life changing payouts.

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