Betting online is the most convenient way to bet on sports. You can literally be laying on your couch and go on your phone to place a bet right up until the game starts. You can even bet on games online during the game with online sportsbooks that offer live betting options. There are thousands of online sportsbooks and different options of betting online sports but we will be reviewing the best online sportsbooks in this article.

Fanduel Sportsbook:

Fanduel Sportsbook mobile app for online betting and legal sportsbetting

Everyone who watches sports has heard about Fanduel. They came onto the sports scene by offering daily fantasy sports. They are one of the first companies to capitalize on the legalization of sportsbetting by offering an online sportsbook in a few of the states that have made sportsbetting legal including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Iowa, and Indiana. Fanduel will continue to expand as sportsbetting does. If you have access to bet through the Fanduel Sportsbook mobile app, this should be one of your top choices. The app is very user friendly, they offer many different bet options, and they are one of the most well known and reliable companies to bet with. They also have promos going and are able to offer better sign up bonuses than offshore books because they are such a large and successful company. Go to to check if they offer betting in the state that you live in. The final and major kicker with the Fanduel Sportsbook is that it is completely legal in the states that it is offered. When you win, you can request the cash out option and they will send you a check in the mail within a couple of weeks. This is my top choice when I am traveling to states that Fanduel operates in.

Minimum deposit – $10

Minimum Withdrawal – $1 with Check, Paypal, or ACH.

Draftkings Sportsbook:

Draftkings is another company that started out of Boston, MA with daily fantasy sports and they are now all over the legal sportsbetting scene. They are right up there with Fanduel and they actually are currently offering access to their app in more states including New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Iowa. Draftkings is 100% legal in the states that they offer sportsbetting so that is another nice thing about betting with them. The website and app are very user friendly and it is easy to place/track your bets. They are able to offer good sign up bonuses to new players as well so check in to see what the latest promo is when you sign up. Cashing out is easy with Draftkings and they send you a check in the mail within a couple of weeks. Draftkings should be one of your top choices if you have access in the state you live in. 

Minimum Deposit – $5

Minimum Withdrawal – $1 with Check, Paypal, ACH, or pickup at a physical DK Sportsbook location.

Sportsbook Ag:

Sportsbook Ag is a popular offshore online sportsbook. What that means is that they do not operate with a business address in the United States. I’m sure you can probably make a guess as to why that is and you are right. The legality of betting with Sportsbook ag varies depending on where you live. I would suggest that you check with your local law enforcement before signing up with this online sportsbook. I have personally been using Sportsbook ag for over 10 years and I have never had any issues with them. Their website is easy to use, they offer good odds on all sports, and they are one of the most well known online sportsbooks. I will say that cashing out with Sportsbook ag has been sketchy in the past. Checks have taken up to 6 weeks at times and when the checks arrive, they are sent under business names that aren’t related to a sportsbook. The other thing about these checks is that they are international checks so banks in the United States may question you when you go to deposit these checks (no mobile deposit allowed for international checks). They also offer bitcoin as a withdrawal option and this is much easier and less sketchy to do. They send the funds to your bitcoin wallet and you can transfer it directly to your bank. You bank will just see the transfer from your bitcoin wallet but they won’t be able to trace where the funds originated from. 

Minimum Deposit – $25

Minimum Withdrawal – $50 via bitcoin or $250 via check 

MyBookie Ag:

MyBookie Ag is an offshore sportsbook that claims to be the “Most trusted sportsbook for US players.” I consider MyBookie to be a very reliable sportsbook and a much better option than some of the other sportsbooks on the market but they can’t compete with the Fanduels and the Draftkings of the world. Their customer service is there right from the start and they will actually call you immediately to assist if you have any issues creating an account or depositing money on their site. The betting odds are generally in line with the industry standards which is good but every now and then you will find a moneyline that seems to be a bit off. Their withdrawal process is quick and you can even get paid out within 48 hours. You can do a bank wire or bitcoin withdrawal. I have used Mybookie for a few years now and I have not had any issues with them. 

Minimum Deposit – $45

Minimum Withdrawal – $100 


Bovada is another offshore online sportsbook that has been around long enough to build up their credibility. I have always viewed Bovada as an option because they are there but they are always my last choice to use. Their website is not as mobile friendly as the other online sportsbooks in this article, their odds are typically worse than the market standards, and if you ever have an issue it takes days to get in touch with a customer service representative. No one really knows where Bovada operates out of because they seem to change their website and social media pages frequently. The last I knew, they were operating out of Canada. I’m not sure how the legality of Bovada stands in the United States but I would think that state governments will be cracking down on offshore sites because they don’t want them to take away from the sportsbooks here in the U.S. The biggest turn off for me with Bovada is when a team is favored by -6 on one sportsbook and Bovada will have it at -6.5 or even -7. That’s ridiculous. Their moneylines are always juiced more than the market standards as well which means you are getting less of a return on your investment than if you went with another site. I added Bovada to the list because of their popularity but if you use them and a few other sportsbooks, I bet you will agree with me that they are not the best option. 

Minimum Deposit – $20

Minimum Withdrawal – $10 via Bitcoin or $100 via check

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