Sports betting bankroll management is simply one of the most important sports betting tips for all sports bettors new or old. One of the most common mistakes sports bettors make is betting more on certain games than others. This can lead you to make poor decisions, especially if and when you go on a losing streak. Betting $25 on one game but then betting $175 on another game is simply a poor sports betting strategy. I have put this bankroll management strategy over ten years of trial and error. It’s a great system and it increases your odds of profiting in the long run, you just have to commit to it. 

Your first step is determining the size of your starting bankroll. How much money can you set aside and commit to use for sports betting? That is your starting bankroll and the crucial step to money management in sports betting. You should be sure that this amount is something that you are comfortable with and that is another factor in how successful you will be. If you are betting amounts that you aren’t comfortable with, you will tend to lose more often which will lead to you trying to chase your losses which usually leads to you lose even more. I’ve experienced this in the past and I can’t stress the importance of betting amounts that you are comfortable with. Determining your starting bankroll will determine the size of your betting “Unit” which is a term for the amount of money you bet on each game. For this example, we are going to start with a bankroll of $100. Now that we have determined our starting bankroll, it’s time to take a closer look at the strategy and structure I have built.

Starting bankroll = $100

Levels: (vary based on your starting bankroll)

Level 1 = $100-$199

Level 2 – $200-$299

Level 3 = $300-$399

Level 4 = $400-$499

Level 5 = $500-$599

Level 6 = $600-$699

Level 7 = $700-$799

Level 8 = $800-$899

Level 9 = $900-$999

Level 10 = $1,000-$1,099

sports betting bankroll management

You will need to reference these levels as you continue to build your bankroll. To start, you want to make each bet 5-10% of your starting bankroll. So, since we are starting with $100, we will start off by betting $5-$10 per bet. We will continue this until we build our bankroll to Level 2 which is a total of $200-$299. Once we build our bankroll up to Level 2 ($200-$299), each bet will be $20. You will continue to do this as you build your bankroll and take it to each level. Win OR lose, you should stick to this structure and the reason for this is because you will never get too high and you will never get too low. 

I have started with $100 and built that bankroll to level 10 multiple times over the last ten years sticking to this structure. I personally do a lot more research and analysis on each game that I am betting on than the average sports bettors do, but this structure will still put you in place with a proven strategy for success. Analyzing games and picking winners is the hard part but committing to the system and having the discipline to do that is a very close second. If you are looking for more sports betting analysis and betting tips, you can check out our VIP Picks page or our Daily Picks page where we share the analysis that we do every single day. We also provide some of the best sports betting advice in the industry.

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