Capital One’s The Match: Champions for Charity will be played this Sunday. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. Phil Mickelson vs Tiger Woods. Here is everything you need to know about the match and a list of some of the prop bets that have been released so far. 

How it Works:

The match will be 18 holes. Front 9 will be four ball with the amateur players receiving 3 handicap strokes on the front. The strokes will be given on a par 3, par 4, and par 5 that is decided by the committee. The back nine will be be played with the modified alternate shot format. Each player will play from the tee, a ball will be decided, and players will alternate shots until the hole is decided. In the event of a tie, they will move on to a short modified hole of 100-125 yards on 18 and continue the alternate shot format until a winner is determined. 

The Course:

Capital One’s The Match: Champions for Charity will be played at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida

How to Watch The Match Champions for Charity:

This event will be broadcasted by multiple networks including TNT, TBS, truTV, and HLN. 

The Match Champions for Charity The Players:

Tigers woods and former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning will go head to head with Phil Mickelson and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Brady vs Manning. Phil vs Tiger. It can’t get much better. The match will generate money to support Covid-19 relief so it’s all for a good cause. 

Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson will go head to head against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in the Capital One The Match Champions for Charity.

The Match Champions for Charity Betting Odds:

It’s only Wednesday and there is already a long list of different prop bets for this match. Let’s take a look through the betting odds and prop bets that will be offered on this match. This event will likely be bet on by every sports bettor in America who haven’t been able to bet on live sports in months. 

Will a Playoff be needed to decide the winner? Yes (+250) No (-330)

It would be exciting if this came down to a playoff to decide the winner but No is the heavily favored option here. There could be some good value on yes if you believe the TV networks will have anything to do with keeping this thing interesting down the stretch.

Will there be a hole in one? Yes (+1500) No (-1000)

You would have to risk $100 to win $1 for no on this prop bet. On the flip side, a yes would pay out 15 to 1 odds. That seems a bit low since there are only four par 3’s on this course. 

Who will have the longest drive on Hole 1? Peyton Manning (-115) Tom Brady (-115)

Hole one is a short par 4 and it’s pretty open in their projected landing area. Brady has already called Peyton the better golfer so Peyton has that going for him. Although Brady is in better shape and the TB12 method could give him the advantage on this long drive prop.

Brady vs Manning Tiger vs Phil – First Team to go 1 up: Woods / Manning (-140) or Mickelson / Brady (+110)

Woods and Manning are the favorite in the match so there is no surprise that they are favored to be the first team to go 1 up.

Brady vs Manning Tiger vs Phil – Will either team win 3 consecutive holes? Yes (+400) No (-550)

You’d have to think that this is going to be a competitive match so it doesn’t seem very likely that either team will take three straight holes and the odds reflect that.

Will the team that goes 1 up win the match? Yes (-165) No (+135)

Does the team that score first always win the game? Not necessarily. This one seems to be more of a coin flip than the odds are showing so there might be some value on No at +135.

Will Tom Brady wear a Super Bowl ring(ssssss)? Yes (+450) No (-900)

I guess the books need to give more detail on if this wager is talking about Brady wearing his ring(s) during to match or if it would count if he wore them to the match. You won’t see him golfing with bulky Super Bowl rings on but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him wear the rings to the match to set the tone against his former NFL rival.

Tiger Woods Wears Red Shirt? Yes (-270) No (+180)

Tiger wears red on Sunday. Yes is a lock for this one. 

Which Logo will be on the front of Tom Brady’s cap? TB12 (-400) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+250) 

The match will be played in the same state as Brady’s new team but I don’t think there’s anyway he is wearing a Buccaneers logo on his hat. There is the fact that he wants to build team chemistry and develop relationships with his new teammates. However, he will do that either way and with a large projected audience due to the lack of sports lately, it’s a great opportunity for him to promote his brand.

First Player to have a Football highlight shown during the broadcast? Peyton Manning (+100) Tom Brady (-130)

Brady has more highlights to show, especially in head to head games against Peyton. 

Will the word “GRONK” be said by any player in the match? Yes (-230) No (+170)

I think this match will have a friendly but competitive feel to it. I can’t imagine someone doesn’t bring up that Brady brought Gronk to Tampa in his back pocket as part of some friendly trash talk. If it weren’t for the current restrictions, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gronk actually showed up.

Will the Lombardi Trophy be seen during the broadcast? Yes (-330) No (+250)

I’d imagine that they flash some memories during the broadcast and these two guys have 8 Super Bowls combined. Good chance we see a Lombardi Trophy at some point.

More to come:

There will certainly be more prop bets released as the week goes on and we get closer to this match on Sunday. It will be fun to watch and of course bet on, if you’re into that sort of thing. KofSports will have our best bets for The Match Champions for Charity released on Saturday or Sunday so be sure to check in to our daily picks page. We are also offering a 50% off coupon code to all of our e-mail list subscribers so  subscribe now!

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