Will Rogers Downs Picks:

Will Rogers Downs 5-20-20 – Win bet on Figure (8) 5/2 ML – We have ourselves another class dropper here, and I’m not sure how you can’t place a bet on this horse. Figure has a Power Rating of a 79.6 in this race, and that is over 15 points higher than the next closest horse. She has been racing well lately, but has not been able to get the win in her class. She had her best race in her most recent race at Will Rogers, and we see her building off that and getting the win today


Figures! Another horse bet winner for KofSports Nation. Clearly better than the rest of the class with a power rating of 79.6 and that being 15 points higher than the next closest horse. The recent results looked good and it was hard NOT to pounce on this horse like she did in the final seconds of this race. Some may say that she came through late but realistically, she had these horses right where she wanted them. She shot the gap at the end to close out a 2-0 day for us at Will Rogers Downs on 5-20-20. That extends our horse winning streak to 7-0 since Saturday and it feels GREAT!

Will Rogers Downs Picks - Figure shoots the gap for a smooth finish.
See Figure as she SHOOTS the gap to the finish line. Perfectly executed.

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