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As one of the most popular online sportsbooks for not only sports bettors in the U.S. but bettors worldwide, it’s important to review the pros and cons. Bovada offers betting lines on just about anything. They offer betting odds on sports, horses, and they even have online casino games. I strongly advise you not to play online blackjack but to each his own. Let’s take an in depth look at the Bovada Sportsbook Review 2020.

Bovada Sportsbook Review 2020

The Bovada sportsbook has been around for a long time and they have built their credibility as an online sportsbook. It’s available and has been a safe betting option for sports bettors located in the United States for years. Their lines aren’t as competitive as some out online sportsbooks but they are always available and are reliable. Bovada can get away with less competitive betting lines for that very reason. 

Betting Lines

The lines are always posted early which gives bettors plenty of time to get their bets placed before the start of the event. One of the downfalls of betting on Bovada is what we touched on in the paragraph above. The lines are less competitive than other online sportsbooks. You may find the spread for the most popular NFL game of the week a half point behind the rest of the online sportsbooks. For example, let’s say that Fanduel Sportsbook had the Kansas City Chiefs at (-1.5) for the Super Bowl. Bovada would likely be offering a (-2) spread for that same game. People will bet it and give up the half point due to the reliability and accessibility to Bovada.

It’s not just the spreads that are less competitive but the moneylines as well. The Houston Astros could be (-150) on Draftkings Sportsbook but (-195) on Bovada. For those of you who are new to sports betting, that means you would need to risk and extra $45 on Bovada to win the same amount as you would on Draftkings. Definitely a downfall but like I said, most bettors don’t care because Bovada works well for them where they are located. 

Live Betting

Live betting continues to become more and more popular. This is where sportsbooks offer betting lines and odds in the middle of a game. These odds continue to change throughout the game depending on how the game plays out. Live betting lines typically include the moneyline, spead, and over under. Bovada is really good when it comes to offering live betting lines. They are frequently updated and most importantly, easy to access.

Betting Limits

Bovada is a good sportsbook option for all size bettors with the different betting limits that they have. The limits vary depending on which sport you are betting on and what bet type. In general, the minimum bet is as low as $1 and the maximum bet amount is $5,000. So whether you are looking to bet a $1 parlay or drop $5,000 on a big game, Bovada has you covered and gives you that option.

Deposit Options

Bovada offers a variety of different deposit options which is another reason that they are so popular. These options include – credit/debit card, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zelle, and vouchers. Most credit cards will go through with no issue. If you are using a debit card, you may need to contact your bank and ask them to allow the transaction to go through. The minimum deposit on Bovada is $20 for credit/debit cards and $10 for bitcoin or vouchers. The maximum deposit on Bovada is $1,500 for credit/debit cards, $5,000 for bitcoin, and $3,000 for vouchers. There are also small deposit fees that you are charged depending on the amount of your deposit.

Withdrawal Options

Bovada offers a variety of different withdrawal methods. These options include – check by courier, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and vouchers. The minimum withdrawal amount for check by courier is $100 and the minimum withdrawal amount for the other options is $10. The maximum withdrawal amount for check and voucher is $3,000. There is no limit on withdrawal amounts via the Bitcoin method. These limits are also associated with a time frame. You can withdraw 1 time via Bitcoin every 3 days. You can withdraw 1 time via check by courier every 7 days. There’s no time limit associated with the voucher withdrawal option.

Withdrawal Fees

There are no fees associated with the Bitcoin or voucher option. However, there is no charge for your first check by courier but you will have to pay a $100 fee per each additional check within a 90 day period. This is complete bullshit but it is a policy that they have in place. Bitcoing withdrawals are processed 15 minutes from the time that your funds are approved. Checks usually take 10-14 business days.


All major online sportsbooks offer different bonuses. Bovada always has a list of different bonus options. The most popular bonus that Bovada offers is the refer a friend bonus. This will allow you to earn 200% of the persons first deposit who you refer (up to $100). So if you get one of your friends to sign up for $100, you would received $200 into your account. Not bad. Bovads also offers various sign up bonuses where you will get free money for depositing onto their site. If you are going to sign up with Bovada, be sure to check the most current promotions that they are running.


Bovada is hands down one of the most convenient and reliable sportsbooks in the United States. That is why so many sports bettors from across the country use them. The lines aren’t the most competitive but a lot of people feel like the other pros of Bovada out weigh that downfall. The different size bet limits allow sports bettors of all sizes to get action in. The bonus structure allows you to earn money as you go with the refer a friend option. As of 2020, Bovada is still one of the top operating online sportsbooks in the United States. We hope this Bovada Sportsbook Review 2020 was helpful. You can reach out to us directly at kof@kofsports.com with any questions.

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