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A lot of you are accustomed to the VIP Picks process that we have had since 2015. You know, where you sign up, get a log in, and log in to the VIP Picks page to see the picks each day. VIP members are already aware of this but it’s a good time to let the rest of you know that the VIP pick process has been put on hold until American sports return. We don’t always have options and opportunities for 2-5 picks per day like we have always had for the VIP blog. The shut down of American sports due to the global pandemic has forced us to adjust the way we operate on the fly. That is why we came up with the Daily Picks page store. 

Are the Daily Picks different than VIP?

The only thing that is different is the way that we deliver the picks. Followers can purchase individual games or bundles of picks each day. We still do the same amount of research each day for the betting options that we do have. We review the betting trends, stats, and put it together in a brief summary with our in depth analysis and recommendation. A lot of you have reached out with feedback on this process and from the sounds of it, you guys are really enjoying it. It’s our goal to continue to service you with the betting information that you need. That’s what we have always done and that’s what we will continue to always do.

Introducing the Daily Picks Value Packs

With the good feedback we have received about the Daily Picks, we have also received requests for more promos and bundle deals. We are here to give the people what they want so here is an introduction to our new Daily Picks Value Packs.

What are they?

You are able to purchase pre-paid store credit for the Daily Picks page and redeem it on the picks of your choice. 

Is it a good deal?

Yes, each option offers savings in comparison to buying picks individually. We are giving you guys between 40-50% savings on each option.

What are the options?

$25 gets you $35 in Daily Picks credit

$50 gets you $75 in Daily Picks credit

$100 gets you $150 in Daily Picks credit

Those are the options we are starting with but if you are looking for a bigger package, we will work with you to satisfy your needs.

Do they expire?

No, that’s one of the benefits with these value packs. They do not expire so you can redeem them as you choose and they will remain active until you use up your Daily Picks balance.

Can you walk me through the step by step process of how it works?

Take two minutes to watch this video, it will tell you everything you need to know from start to finish:

We are excited to roll out the Daily Picks Value packs and they have already been a huge hit prior to us officially announcing them. We are the first to market with this process in the sports betting industry. We continue to beat the competition and it’s because we are always looking for ways to help our followers out. Oh, yeah and we give out damn good information and picks as well. Get started today by visiting our Daily Picks page and purchasing your first KofSports Daily Picks Value Pack!

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