Charles Barkley says 100% chance of NBA return after talking to his bosses at TNT

When Chuck says things, he usually makes headlines. This one is getting some headlines because it’s eye opening. It sounds like he might have some more information than the general public has. Barkley made an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show. Barkley discussed his thoughts on the return of College Football this Fall due to Covid-19. He also touched on the NBA returning to finish the 19-20 season. Chuck said he’s 100 percent sure that they will return to play and finish the season:

I’m 100 percent sure we’re going to play

We’re gonna make a decision in the next week. I’m 100 percent sure we’re going to play. I know my friends in Major League Baseball are going to play. The hockey league is going to play. I think the pro football and the college football, they have to sit back and see how it goes for us.”

Barkley always has a lot to say. What he said next definitely leads me to believe there’s a concrete plan laid out for the NBA return. It also makes me think that it’s coming soon.

I do know this, talking to my bosses at Turner (TNT)

“I do know this, talking to my bosses at Turner,” Barkley said. “We’re going to play basketball. It’s gonna be in Florida and (Las) Vegas, or just Florida.”

Charles Barkley says his bosses at TNT have told him the NBA will return in Orlando Florida.
Charles Barkley says “100% sure the NBA will return to finish the season

It makes sense that one of the primary broadcast channels for the NBA would be closest to these discussions. If the management team at TNT is telling Barkley that they are going to play, they are going to play. It’s great that Chuck spilled the beans on this. We definitely can expect some announcement to be made in the very near future. It makes sense that they would hold the games at one or two locations. This would allow the players, refs, broadcast teams to be tested frequently.

There have also been multiple reports from verified sources that the league is getting close to a return. The players association has stated that the players want to play and finish the season. The broadcast companies are eager to get games back on TV. The ratings for these games will sky rocket if they are the first major American sport to return. It’s been over a month since we published “Here’s how the NBA season might end.” I am feeling like we are A LOT closer to the return now and I can’t fucking wait.

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