Nobody is excited about the fact that fans won’t be able to attend games IF there is an MLB season in 2020. Well, unless you are in the front office for the Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins could actually make more money with no fans attending the games in 2020. That seems impossible right? Unfortunately it’s not, it’s completely possible and it’s absolutely pathetic.

The Miami Marlins average attendance at games in the 2019 season was 10,016 which was still 6,000 less fans per game than the next closest Baltimore Orioles. The problem for the Marlins is operating their $515 million ballpark and having no one, well close to no one show up each night. So the books will look better for the Marlins if they don’t have to spend the average $300,000 per game to operate the stadium and play host for the handful of fans that show up.

It really is so pathetic that a Major League Baseball team has a better chance to profit with no fans in the stands. I get it, the Marlins suck but the tickets are cheap and Miami is a baseball market. We will never know the true numbers but based on some back of the napkin math, the Marlins will be more profitable playing games with no fans in the stands than if they did have fans. HA HA HA!

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