Los Alamitos Race 1 4:00 Post Time

Win Bet on War Watch (3) 2/1 ML

As everyone who follows me knows, I love a horse that is coming into a race off of second time Lasix. War is coming off of a strong last race, and this change of Lasix should be what he needs to get the win today


What a crazy result this was. War Watch was a very slight favorite over another 5/2 and 3/1 shot in this small field of 6. We knew because of these other two horses taking money that we wouldn’t get to bad of a price on War Watch. What we got was a classic overlay situation where the betting public loved the other horses in the race and forgot about the favorite. After a 2/1 morning line, our horses War Watch floated all the way up to 5/1. On top of that we actually got a little closer to 6/1 because of the lack of money on War. After a perfect stalking trip, War attacked on the back stretch and opened up a couple lengths and never looked back. This was an awesome win for us at Kofsports, and I know based off the messages that you guys were just as excited as us!

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