KBO Picks 6-30

KBO Picks 6-30 included this individual moneyline play on the LG Twins. Let’s take a look back at the pick and analysis.

LG Twins (-150)

LG Twins (-150) – When you have a pitcher who has a 54 ERA against a team, you bet against him. That’s not a typo, Min-soo Kim has an earned run average of 54 against the LG Twins this season. Both of his appearances came on back to back days as a reliever but still. The Twins are going to be confident going up against him as a starter on Tuesday.

Min-ho Lee is pitching for the Twins and he should continue to pitch well. He has started 5 games and has allowed less than 2 earned runs while pitching 5 or more innings in each start. It’s looking like there will be some weather involved with this game but it it’s like the last time the Twins faced Kim, it will be raining runs with a chance of weather. See what I did there? We like the Twins to win this one.

KBO Final Score LG Twins 4 KT Wiz 3

It can be a rollercoaster ride betting on KBO games and that’s exactly what this one was for us but man it ended in a thrill. The LG Twins were up 2-0 then they allowed the Wiz to tie it up 2-2. Then the Twins took a 3-2 lead then they allowed the Wiz to tie it up 3-3. It wasn’t until the bottom of the 11th innings that LG Twins Chang-gi Hong hit the walk off homerun to send us all back to bed happy! Good win and not bad value on the moneyline here.

KBO Final Score LG Twins 4 KT Wiz 3

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