Pat Mahomes signed the richest contract in the history of the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this week. Reports are that the deal is worth up to $503 million. Half a billion dollar contract for 12 years. Mahomes is currently 24 years old so this contract will lock him up with the Chiefs until he is 36. So how much money is he actually going to make? He is guaranteed $63 million just for signing the contract. The rest of the contract is based on different incentives, let’s take a look.

Pat Mahomes Contract

YearTotal cashBase salaryRoster bonusWorkout bonus
2020$10.825 million$825,000N/AN/A
2021$22.807 million$990,000$21.717 million$100,000
2022$29.45 million$1.5 million$27.4 million$550,000
2023$40.45 million$5.5 million$34.4 million$550,000
2024$37.95 million$2.5 million$34.9 million$550,000
2025$41.95 million$2.5 million$38.9 million$550,000
2026$41.95 million$2.5 million$38.9 million$550,000
2027$59.95 million$10 million$49.4 million$550,000
2028$44.45 million$13 million$30.9 million$550,000
2029$44.95 million$20.5 million$23.9 million$550,000
2030$50.45 million$27 million$22.9 million$550,000
2031$52.45 million$38 million$13.9 million$550,000

Mahomes can earn an extra 1.25 million per season if the Chiefs reach the Super Bowl and another $1.25 million if he wins NFL MVP. So in order for him to reach the full $503 million, he would need to lead the Chiefs to the Super Bowl and win MVP each year over the next 12 years. 2027 will be the peak of the contract when Mahomes is owed $59.95 million.

Starting in 2022, Mahomes will make an average of $45 million per season. It’s always fun breaking down these massive contracts in different ways. 

$45 Million per year =


$123,287 per day

$5,136 per hour

$85 per minute

NFL Offensive Roster

*Based on 2019 salaries

QB Tom Brady – $14M

RB Alvin Kamara – $807k

WR1 Julio Jones $9.6M

WR2 DeAndre Hopkins $12.5M

WR3 Ju Ju Smith-Schuster $846k

TE Travis Kelce $7.5M

Total Cap Hit $45M 

Pretty nice offense for the same price as Mahomes.

$45 million houses on the market?

Good for Mahomes, now let’s see what he can do over the next decade for the Chiefs. If it’s anything like the past couple of seasons, it is going to be historic! Don’t forget when Mahomes led us to 8-2 in our VIP bets in Super Bowl 54!

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