KBO Picks 7-9

KBO Picks 7-9 include this first 5 innings run line bet on the Doosan Bears. With their best pitcher on the mound in Raul Alcantara, we expected this play to be better value than the full game line so we don’t have to worry about the bullpen blowing it. Let’s take a look back at the pick and review.

Doosan Bears (-0.5) First 5 Innings

Doosan (-0.5) First 5 – Raul Alcantara. That is all that really matter for this one. He’s 7-1 on the season and he only allowed 1 run over 8 innings against the Twins a few weeks ago. Tyler Wilson will pitch for the Twins and he has lost his last 2 starts. He has also allowed 12 runs in those starts. I think the Bears will jump him early and Alcantara should go deep in this game. He hasn’t pitched less than 5 inning in any of his starts this season. BEARS AND BEERS AT 5:30 AM LFG!!

KBO Scores – Doosan Bears 2 LG Twins 0 after the First 5 Innings

Jose Fernandez came through for us with a 2 run homerun in the 3rd inning to give the Bears the lead that they would not give up. Raul Alcantara pitched 7 scoreless innings. We expected him to go at least 5 like he has in all of his starts this season. He also had 8 strikeouts against this Twins lineup.

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