PLAY BALL! These are the words we have all been waiting to hear since the start of MLB got pushed back due to COVID-19. Thursday night, we will all be intently watching the first games back, and loving every minute of it.

There are many different preseason bets you can consider, but I thought we would break down most regular season home runs. With the shortened season, we very well could see some big outliers take this title. With very limited preseason games, it will definitely be tougher to judge who is on track hitting wise going into the season. Here’s a list of the top 15 odds wise according to

Aaron Judge 14/1

Mike Trout 14/1

Pete Alonso 14/1

Cody Bellinger 16/1

Ronald Acuna Jr 16/1

Gincarlo Stanton 18/1

Christian Yelich 20/1

Eugenio Suarez 20/1

Joey Gallo 20/1

Juan Soto 20/1

Matt Olson 20/1

Nolan Arenado 20/1

Yordan Alvarez 20/1

Nelson Cruz 30/1

Rhys Hoskins 30/1

Jorge Soler 35/1

Alex Bregman 40/1

Bryce Harper 40/1

Vladimir Guerrero Jr 40/1

Josh Bell 40/1

As you can see by the odds, the oddsmakers have no clue who is going to win. There are so many different factors that go into the odds making, and we are still left with a large clump of people that can potentially win. I listed the top 20 in odds, but there’s no doubt you can find a longer shot in the MLB that will be very competitive for the title, or possibly even win it. Let’s take a deeper look into several of the top candidates and a long shot.

Top 3 wager options:

Aaron Judge 14/1:

Oh Aaron Judge… After he hit 52 home runs in his first full season in 2017, it looked like nothing could stop this guy. A guy with as much power as he possesses, playing in a girls under 10 softball field, the sky appeared to be the limit. However unfortunately for Yankees fans, this guy cannot stay on the field. Every day it seems like we are hearing about another key injury for Judge, and it really makes me wonder if he can last the 60 games they are scheduled to play. This guy 100% has the ability to run away with the home run title. However based off his history so far in the league, I think we can get better value elsewhere.

Mike Trout: 14/1:

What a baseball player this guy is. You could make a very strong case that he is the most fun player to watch in the MLB. Coming off back to back years of 39 then 45 home runs, Trout is well worthy of his placement as co favorite to win the title. Unfortunately for Trout, the one title that has been nowhere in site is the World Series title. With a guy of his talent in his prime, I’m really not sure why they don’t focus on getting more talent around him. With their pitching staff, it’s very hard to imagine them being relevant this year. As far as the home run title goes however, I think he is a very strong candidate hitting out of the 2 hole to win this at 14/1.

Pete Alonso 14/1:

Wow did this guy have an impressive rookie season with the Mets. Alonso at the age of 24 hit 53 home runs in 161 games, which was good for the most home runs by a rookie in MLB history. I am very excited to see what this guy has in store for this shortened season, and clearly so are the odds makers. The main concern I have for Alonso will be if he will get pitched to this year. This is a very intriguing option to win this title.

Sleeper Pick:

Jorge Soler 35/1: Soler came out of nowhere last year blasting 48 home runs in 162 games. This guy will not win a batting title with his average, but a home run title is definitely in play. Soler should be batting 3rd in the Royals lineup, and hopefully he can get some production around him so he can see some pitches. Injuries have been a problem for Soler in the past, but last year he was able to stay healthy the whole year, and his production reflected that. At 35/1 in a shortened season, I don’t see how you couldn’t throw a couple dollars on this guy.

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