6:30 EST

Heat / Bucks Over (223.5) – These two teams had 2 out of 3 regular season games go over 223.5 with final scores of 246 and 257 (242 in regulation).The Bucks scored 111+ points in each of their last 4 games. The Heat scored 109+ in 3 of their 4 playoff wins against the Pacers. The Bucks will look to push the pace in this one and the Heat are capable of keeping up. The Bucks averaged 118.5 points per game in the regular season and the Heat averaged 112. 

Result – Loss – Heat 115 Bucks 104 – 70 fucking points scored in the 1st quarter and we missed this one by 5 points. Shout out to Giannis coming up with 3 points in the 4th quarter and missing 8 foul shots. Both teams got sloppy with turnovers in the 4th quarter and the clock just ticked away on us. I think there was only 10 total points scored in the first 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. Tough loss on this one but at least we hit our other two plays on the night.

9:00 EST

1st Quarter 

Rockets (-155) – The Rockets have started hot in this series and they have outscored the Thunder in the 1st quarter in all 5 games in this series. With Westbrook back in Game 5, they outscored the Thunder by 10 in the 1st quarter. The Rockets outscored the Thunder by 6, 5, 8, & 2 in the other games in this series. That’s a pretty strong trend and I’m confident that the Rockets will outscore the Thunder in the 1st quarter again tonight. 

Result – Winner – Rockets 25 Thunder 24 – Did you have fun riding this one out? I didn’t think it was fun but I’ll take the win. The Rockets played pretty sloppy in the 1st quarter and had multiple chances to pull away by multiple scores but some how found a way to fuck it up. Chris Paul had an open look at a 3 pointer at the buzzer and rimmed out so we were lucky to get this win. Take as much luck as you can get in sports betting 🙂


9:45 EST

Avalanche / Stars Over (6) – The goals keep coming in this series and there is no sign that they are going to slow down. There have been final scores of 5-3, 5-2, 6-4, & 5-4 in this series. Both teams have played at a high pace and that’s what’s lead to the high goal totals in this series. The Stars will look to close out the series while the Avs will try to stay alive. The winner has scored 5 or more goals in each game this series. I’m liking the over again tonight.

Result – Winner – Avalanche 6 Stars 3 – No luck needed here just an Avalanche of goals. The Avs scored 5 goals in the first period and I was hoping that they would cover the over in the 1st for us. The cover came in the 2nd period and this one was an easy winner. The over trends continue in this series and we go to bed early with an easy winner here!

2-1 to start the week and we have really been on a run across all sports – 8-3 last 11 NHL, 7-3 last 10 NBA, and 6-4 last 10 MLB. Sign up for more picks and analysis like this HERE!

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