The Super Bowl streaker loses his bet. What a story that we had on our hands this week. The streaker claimed to have bet $50,000 that there would be a streaker on the field during Super Bowl 55 at +750 odds which would net $375,000. Well, $374,000 after he paid to get out of jail. The story has taken a spin now that the sportsbook will not be paying out the bet. They also released more specific details on the wager as well. I just think it’s funny how this story keeps gaining momentum and taking the turns that it is. I am skeptical of the story and I will present the information that has me in that corner.

Super Bowl Streaker

So picture this, a guy decides that he is going to place a $50,000 wager at +750 odds that there would be a streaker (or someone running on the field) during Super Bowl 55. Then he’s going to get one of his buddies to sneak in with him to run on the field and distract the security guards so he can make sure that he gets out onto the field for the cameras to catch him. Give the guy credit, he definitely thought it out. He got on the field, we all saw him:

Super Bowl Streaker Lies

The guy lied. He was walking around telling everyone that would listen that he, himself, bet $50,000 on the prop bet with Weird, because Bovada had a $1,000 max bet on most Super Bowl prop bets let alone the streaker prop. He changed his story when some people called him out on that and he said he actually had a bunch of friends all bet on the prop bet. It only took a few hours before he changed his story. Does anyone really think that a 31 year old who is unemployed and still lives with his mom had $50k to bet with in the first place? Me neither. Even if it was mommy and daddy’s money, the average income in his home town of Boca Raton is $41k a year.

Bovada did NOT void all the Super Bowl Streaker Bets

It is true that Bovada voided a few bets on this that they claim were part of this scheme. They confirmed that there was an $800 wager on this prop that paid out $6,000 until it was voided. However, it’s not true that all bets on this prop were voided. Bovada made an official statement on this and said:

“All of our players are on a level playing field, so if you bet “NO” on this market we’re going to refund your bet. Additionally, we’re honoring all those “YES” wagers we’ve determined to have had no part in the betting irregularities. We’ll be reaching out to all those players impacted by this event shortly.”

This statement confirms that the Super Bowl streaker loses his bet although it’s a lot less than he originally claimed. It sounds a lot more realistic now. There are also people claiming that they won this bet but then their accounts were closed. Sounds like some people are just trying to make a claim against Bovada as an opportunity to make back some money that they lost on the other 25 prop bets they took on Sunday.

Future Prop Bets

A story/scandal like this won’t eliminate the chances of this happening again in the future. However, it is interesting to think about with all of the bets that different sportsbooks are offering. We will always evaluate fun prop bets but they aren’t at the top of our list. Next time someone does it, they should just keep their fucking mouth shut and collect their winnings.

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