The public money is all over the Nets to cover -4 against the Kings tonight. 67% to be exact. There’s also 70% of the money on the over at 243.5. This matchup features the star power Nets going up against the 12-14 Kings who don’t have the star power that the Nets do.

Kevin Durant Out

It should be noted that Kevin Durant will not be playing tonight due to a hamstring injury. The Nets took three ugly losses this month with Durant missing in 2.5 of those games. There was the loss to the Raptors where Durant couldn’t start because of Covid then he played, then got Covid again mid way through the third quarter. The Nets also lost the two games after. 124-108 against the Sixers and 122-111 against the Pistons.

Nets Still the Popular Pick

The Nets are still the popular pick with Kevin Durant out and the public money shows that (67%). We have seen the, “New Look Nets” let down the public a few different times this season in games that seemed like obvious locks. It will be interesting to see how they perform tonight in the middle of a West Coast road trip without their best player.

What’s the Pick?

I’m not suggesting that you take the Kings with the points or moneyline but just sharing some of the facts. We have seen strange things happen when there is that much public money on one side. We do have a FREE PICK on this game but it is not anything to do with the Nets.

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