Betting Trends will be a new segment on the KofSports blog that will be free. You guys have asked for more betting content and we are here to give the people what they want, like we always do. I will clarify before we get into it that these trends will not be part of our VIP Picks nor will they be documented like that. Betting Trends is something to provide you guys with information that you can either bet with or bet against. So with that, let’s get into the Betting Trends 2/23.

Mavericks & Celtics Have Been Scoring

The over under is set at 224 in for this game between the Mavericks and Celtics tonight at 7:30 on TNT. The Celtics have gone over 224 in each of their last three games with total scores of 235, 230, & 236. They have allowed 120+ in 2 of those 3 games and their defense hasn’t been the same with Marcus Smart out. The Mavericks have gone over 224 in 4 out of their last 5 games and the average total score in those games have been 249! They played in a low scoring game last night but it wasn’t for a lack of shooting, they put up 41 total three point attempts in that game.

Kyrie Irving is facing the Kings again

The Nets have won 6 games in a row and they are returning home after a West Coast road trip. Kyrie doesn’t mind seeing the Kings come to town after he dropped 40 on them last week. He played 31 minutes in that game which is below his season average at 35.5. You can play less minutes and put up more points with you go 9 for 11 from three point land. Kyrie’s made 3 point attempts line is set at 2.5 tonight. Believe it or not, he has gone under 2.5 3 pointers made in 6 of his last 7 games. Although he hit 9 in that one game he went over, against this same Kings team.

Kansas and Texas Play High Scoring Games vs Ranked Opponents

One trend that really sticks out in this matchup is the scoring that both of these teams have done against ranked teams. The over is set at 138 for this game. Kansas has played 11 ranked opponents this season and they have gone over 138 in 8 of those 11 games. They have averaged 145 total points in those 11 games. Texas has played 8 ranked opponents this season and they have gone over 138 points in 6 of those 8 games. That’s 14 of 19 games combined that have gone over 138. These two played each other earlier this season and that game had 143 total points. Texas won 84 to 59 in blowout fashion. The spread suggest this game will be closer than the last time these two met. The big trend is the high scoring games for both of these teams against ranked opponents.

SLAM the fucking OVER.

That wraps up our first “episode” or post for Betting Trends 2/23. Obviously you guys are only going to like this segment if all all of those trends come through for you tonight. But as we look to give you guys more content, let us know if this is something you enjoy. Share it, retweet it, comment below and let us know. Happy Betting!

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