KofSports March Madness Bracket pool is live. It’s that time of year again and there’s even more hype this year after Covid turned March Madness into March Sadness last year. Here’s everything you need to know about the KofSports March Madness Bracket Pool and how you can enter.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $10 per bracket and each person can enter up to 5 brackets. This cost and format has worked well for us in the past. Keep your eyes out for promos coming up where a VIP Membership will get you an entry into the March Madness Bracket Pool. We had a total prize pool of $1,330 in 2019 and hope to top that number this year. Entires will be cut off at 9 pm the night before the games begin.


We will be using Yahoo Fantasy Sports Tourny Pick’em like we always do. We will be using the standard scoring format that they have which awards more points for correct picks as you get into the later rounds of the tournament.


The prizes will be determined based on how many entries there are. We will likely give away prizes to the top three if we have 0-100 entries and 5 prizes if we have 101-200 entries.

How to enter?

You can email kof@kofsports.com or DM on Twitter or Instagram to enter. We are accepting various payment types including Venmo and Cashapp. Once you send the entry fee, we will send you the invite to enter the pool.

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