We played in our first MLB Monkey Knife Fight challenge the other day and we hit in the 5h inning. Congrats to all of you who played along and cashed in on that one. For those of you looking to play along tonight, you can get a free $50 deposit match from them HERE

We are playing in the More or Less Fantasy Points Challenge tonight with Ronald Acuna Jr. Mike Trout, and Alex Bregman. We need to pick more or less than 2.5 fantasy points for each one of these players in their games tonight. If we go 3 for 3, this challenge pays out +500 odds so 5 to 1. Here is a quick check in of how the scoring works for MNK Fantasy Challenge:

MLB Fantasy Scoring


1B: +1 Point

2B: +2 Points

3B: +3 Points

HR: +4 Points

R: +1 Point

RBI: +1 Point

BB: +1 Point

HBP: +1 Point

SB: +1 Point

Now let’s get into the players and analysis for tonight!

Ronald Acuna Jr. More (2.5 FP) – Acuna should be in store for a big game tonight. He has always hit Pablo Lopez hard. He comes into tonight’s game hitting .357 with a .786 slugging % against Lopez. He is 5 for 14 with 2 homeruns, 4 runs scored, 3 RBIs, 3 walks, and 2 stolen bases in games against Lopez. That comes out to an average of 5.75 fantasy points per game against Lopez. He should put together a game with more than 2.5 fantasy points against Lopez tonight.

Mike Trout More (2.5 FP) – You’ll rarely run into a matchup where you take less than 2.5 fantasy points for Mike Trout. He had 7 fantasy points in last night’s series opener against the Royals. Trout will face Danny Duffy tonight who he has hit hard in the past. He comes in 9 for 20 (.450) with 2 doubles, 1 homerun, 4 runs scored, 3 RBIs, and 2 walks. Trout has gone over 2.5 fantasy points in each of his last 5 full games played. He went over 2.5 fantasy points on one swing in 4 of those 5 games. Look for him to go 3+ again tonight.

Alex Bregman (2.5 FP) – The first two selections were easy with their matchups but this is the challenging one. The challenge is pre set so we can’t swap him out. Bregman has been in a slump and he is just 1 for his last 15. He’s also just 1 for 7 lifetime against Matthew Boyd. All the signs trends point to under here BUT I’m going against the trends in this one. I’ve seen a larger sample size of Matthew Boyd than his first two starts this season and I trust Bregman more than I trust Boyd. Boyd has allowed an average of 9 hits per 9 innings pitched over his 6 year career. Boyd also had 4 walks in 5.1 innings in his first start. Bregman went over 2.5 fantasy points in 3 of his first 4 games before getting in the slump he is in right now. Let’s count on him to bust out of the slump against Matthew Boyd tonight. 

Let’s get this 5 to 1 payout tonight!! KOOOOOFSPORTS!

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