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What sets our sports picks and analysis apart from others in the industry?

MLB Picks

60% since 2015 for MLB picks is amazing especially with the volume of picks we have put out (over 500 per season). Our MLB picks dive into the individual matchups between opposing pitchers and lineups to get a feel for the matchups as well as other various trends that give us confidence one way or the other.

NBA Picks

We have been quite successful with these especially on the big stage, the NBA Finals. We went 7-1 in the 2019 NBA Finals, and 4-0 in the 2018 NBA Finals. Focusing on head to head matchups and different trends for each team gives us the edge. Our team has also had success with NBA parlays over the years.

NHL Picks

We like to look at the starting goalie matchups and who’s hot, who’s not trends for our NHL picks. We typically stick to moneylines and over under bets for NHL and have had GREAT success with parlays.

NFL Picks

Your favorite sport to bet on, our most successful sport to bet on, the NFL. We have finished 62% in 2016, 65% in 2017, 62% in 2018, & 60% in 2019 with the grand finale of 8-2 in Super Bowl 54. Our NFL analysis takes many factors into account and you will see why we have been so successful.

College Football Picks

College Football can be dangerous for sportsbettors with the number of games that are played. We like to pride ourselves on the fact that we pick out the best bets and opportunities each week unlike some others in the industry who just pick games to pick games. As always, we include in depth analysis for each one of our picks and that has allowed us to be one of the most successful teams when it comes to betting on College Football.

College Basketball Picks

College Basketball games can often times be similar to flipping a coin. We like to break down the matchups and put our money where it makes the most sense. We have had a lot of success betting over unders in College Basketball over the years.

PGA Picks

PGA has been one of our best sports whether we are betting on round matchups, tournament matchups, pre tourney winners, or top 10 finishers – we have been winning money. We have finished the season at 67% in two of the last three seasons.