KofSports VIP Picks are all documented and we have been 60% across all major American sports since 2015. Here’s a look back at our long term success.

NFL 2020

121-82-2 (60%)

A lot of people were worried that the Covid 19 would effect our NFL season but it was our 5th straight NFL season at 60% or better. We capped it off by cashing in on the Tampa Bay Bucs and Tom Brady beating the Chiefs and Mahomes in Superbowl 55 at +144 on the moneyline!

NBA 2019

108-70 (61%)

The longest NBA season in the history of the game due to the lengthy lay off caused by the Covid 19 shut down. We were still winning consistently which is tough enough without having to worry about last minute news of super stars not playing because of “health and safety protocols.”

NFL 2019

122-82-4 (60%)

Our 4th straight NFL season at 60% or better and we went out with an absolute BANG in Miami. We closed out the season by going 8-2 including a JACKHAMMER (3 unit play) on the biggest stage in the Superbowl. What a year for Mahomes.

NBA 2018

134-85 (61%)

Another successful NBA season for us and we closed it out by going 6-1 in the NBA Finals! There aren’t too many people out there who actually have hundreds of VIP Members that went 6-1 in the NBA Finals. That’s unheard of in the betting world but our research and analysis put us in place to profit each game and that’s exactly what we did. Everyone was betting on the Warriors in this series but we took a different approach and cashed in on Raptors team totals.

NFL 2018

154-95-8 (62%)

Our 3rd straight NFL season at 60% or better. We came through on the big stage again with a 5x JACKHAMMER (15 unit play) on the Patriots in the Superbowl. Kof was even at this one to celebrate the first 5x JACKHAMMER win!

MLB 2018

368-247 (60%)

Lots of MLB plays, that’s the foundation KofSports was built on breaking down MLB matchups like no other handicapper in the game. We closed out the 2018 MLB season in fashion by going on 23-8 run in the playoffs. Maybe the best play of that memorable postseason run was the Red Sox at +160 as “underdogs” against the Yankees and the Red Sox won 16-1. We hit the Sox as “underdogs” 7 times during that playoff run and had bet them to win the World Series back in June of 2018.

2017 NBA

156-90 (63%)

LeBron almost got his ass swept in the NBA Finals this season. We bet on him in Game 1 but that was only because he was getting +12.5 on the spread. The Warriors beat the Cavs and we went 4-0 in the NBA Finals, on the big stage.

2017 NFL

166-90-5 (65%)

Our best NFL season of all time finishing the season at 65%! Week in and week out we were just all over the right teams this season. We only lost 3 bets in a row twice that season. You’re going to have a pretty good season when you are avoiding losing streaks longer than 3 games at a time.

2017 NCAAF

95-53 (64%)

We started this season 19-4 and never looked back! We actually lost our bet in the National Championship this season but that’s ok when you go 64% all season. What a game that one was…

2016 NHL

293-180-25 (62%)

Our best NHL season yet at 62% and we bet a lot of over unders that season. We also didn’t play a lot of parlays which we have played more of in recent years.

2016 NFL

124-76-5 (62%)

Another 60%+ NFL season for us and we were on the right side in the Superbowl this season even though it certainly didn’t seem like it when it was 28-3. We should have taken the live line at that point to increase our winnings but the Patriots came through to cover -3 for us in dramatic fashion.

2016 MLB

657-362 (64%)

This was the most plays we have ever had in any season and we were able to build some success off of a bunch of action. This was also officially the first “VIP” season for KofSports and it was a good one. The foundation of KofSports was built and the rest is history. Oh yeah, and the Cubs broke their curse.

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