Welcome to the KofSports results page. This page shows previous results from our VIP Picks page. These previous examples show you the information and value that we offer sports bettors across the world. Be sure to check in there each day for our daily offerings. We post picks for all major American sports in season.

Final Scores:

We review the results of games plus review the picks and predictions we had. You can find MLB final scores, NBA final scores, NFL final Scores, and NHL final scores. Those are the major sports we cover but we also will cover other sports as well. We also cover our sports betting results on this page. We post reviews for our picks that include the final scores of each game. If you are looking to find the final score for a big game, you can find it here. 

Game Recaps:

We put together a quick game recap to review how the game went in comparison to the way we thought it would go. More times than not, it goes our way but not always. It’s important to remember that anything can happen in sports and that’s why they play the games. 

Sports Gambling Results:

All of our sports picks have been documented since 2015. This results page is a good opportunity for bettors to see the value that we offer to our members. It also gives bettors an opportunity to pick up on ways to predict matchups for different sports. We get into detail and there’s a lot more that goes into winning consistently other than just picking your favorite team. Be sure to check in daily to see our most recent results. 

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