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Sports Picks 8-6 VIP

Another 2-1 night but unfortunately the JACKHAMMER lost. The Astros had a 4-0 lead before allowing the Diamondbacks (who were averaging 2 runs per game) to score 9 runs in one fucking inning. Unbelievable series of events. Not sure how Dusty Baker could possibly wait as long as he did to take McCullers out. Sometimes things just don’t make sense in sports and it makes you wonder. A lot of public money was on the Astros last night….weird time for them to get their asses kicked by one of the worst teams in the league. Still the 2 wins for us lightened the blow. Our NBA parlay was an easy winner and the Twins pulled away in the 9th. On to today, let’s see what we have!

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Sports Picks 8-5 VIP

2-1 last night and both of our winners paid plus money! Both the White Sox and Cubbies made us sweat it out a little bit but they got the job done! “No way no how” the Clippers lose right? HA. Tough day for NBA betting with favs going 0-6 against the spread. Atleast we only lost 1 bet on NBA yesterday. Another winning night and we are back at it today to build on our 4-2 start to the week. Let’s see what we have for tonight!

Sports Picks 8-2 VIP

2-3-1 night for us was a bit of a let down but we had some tough luck. The UFC fight should have been stopped in the second round but it wasn’t. It took the Lakers about half of the first quarter to score their first point of the game. The Penguins let us down in overtime. The Astros and Angels over pushed but the Stros did leave the bases juiced in the top of the 10th. The Dodgers and A’s came through for us but a losing night overall for us. Still riding an 11-6-1 run and looking to close out the week strong today!

Sports Picks 8-1 VIP

Don’t ever count us out. The early action was not looking for us last night with the Sox/Yanks going wayyyyy under and the Braves were getting pounded at the time. A few of you made it a point to let me know those picks sucked and I agreed at the time. However, the Braves rallied, the Cubs covered, and then the Rockets and Mavericks scored 302 points when the total was 230. That’s not a typo, the Rockets and Mavericks went over the set total by 72 fucking points. That makes us 9-3 over the last 3 days! KOOOFSPORTS!! Lots of action on the table today, let’s see what our best options are.

Sports Picks 7-31 VIP

2-1 night last night but the (+140) L.A. parlay was a nice one to hit! Shocking the Twins were shut down after how good they have been swinging the bats. Bieber was dominant for the Indians. The Orioles team total was probably the easiest bet of the season for us with it hitting in the second inning. Dodgers had control of their game right from the start and LeBron wanted to give us that adrenaline rush with the last second winner. That’s now 6-2 over the last two days. Let’s keep it going into the weekend with some good looking plays for tonight! KOOOOFSPORTS!

Sports Picks 7-30 VIP

There’s two groups of people in the world. People who back down and walk away when things don’t go their way for a few days. Then there are people who find absolute LOCKS and double or triple down on them! What a night last night! 4-1 if you hit the Yanks run line and team total. The only loss was the no runs in the first and it lost because of a fucking fielder’s choice. Back at it tonight with 3 more plays. We have some MLB and of course we dabble into the return of the NBA with the late play. All straight plays today for 1 unit each. 

MLB Picks 7-27 VIP

Brutal way to close out the week yesterday getting swept. Maybe the Reds aren’t really what they are all cracked up to be. The Astros 15 game winning streak against the Mariners was snapped. The Cardinals came out flat. Like I always say, can’t be ashamed by an 0-3 day. I do the same amount of research on an 0-3 day as a 3-0 day. We will have rough days, it happens. I am still committed to doing the research, sharing the analysis, and putting us all in the best position to profit each day. Today starts our first full week of MLB action. Let’s see what we have to get the week started right.

MLB Picks 7-26 VIP

2-2 on VIP picks yesterday. What was up with the Red Sox? 13 runs on Friday and just came out flat yesterday. Note to self, Martin Perez STILL fucking sucks! The Reds were in control most of the game until they gagged away the lead late. We won’t win everyday, that’s just part of gambling. Here are 3 picks that I’m confident in as high percentage plays for Sunday to get back to winning after yesterday. If we sweep the early action, I may add a play for the Sunday Night games so be sure to check back in after the early games!

Sports Picks 7-25 VIP

2-1 last night and now 4-1 to start the season. We have officially added the Phillies to the shit list. Just like last season, they looked so good in the matchup and just fell flat on their fucking faces. The other picks were on point with the Cardinals and Astros parlay paying (+113) and of course, the Dodgers (-1.5). Are the Dodgers that GOOD or are the Giants just that BAD!? We will take the winning night and go into today.

Some of you asked about the Mets pick I posted on social media. That was from the Daily Picks Page which are picks in addition to what are posted on the VIP blog. You guys get a much better rate and get 1-3 picks per day. That doesn’t mean you can’t check out the Daily Picks options each day if you are looking for more action. Let me know if you have any questions about how the structure works. Hit me up on Twitter with any questions.

We have MLB and UFC action today. Let’s get right into the picks because we have some day action!

MLB Picks 7-24-20 VIP

2-0 to start the season although some of you didn’t get the action on the Dodgers because Kershaw was scratched. So what did we learn from yesterday’s games? Covid is going to play a big part this season. Juan Soto was scratched due to testing positive the day of the game. The moneyline shifted quite a bit but all of your who got the bet in early CASHED. We also learned that Kershaw is still scared of the big stage.

I also want to clarify that the Daily Picks are in addition to the VIP picks that are posted on this blog. They give bettors the option to purchase picks at a premium price if they only want picks for one day. You guys are all committed to weeks or months at a time so you are getting a much better price and get the best 1-3 picks per day. Let me know if you have any more questions about that. But it’s time to get into our first full slate of MLB today. LFG!!

MLB Opening Night Picks 7-23

MLB Opening Night Picks

KofSports VIP Members, 

The return of American sports begins tonight with MLB Opening Night! We will have NBA and NHL in the next week to week in a half as well. It feels great to be back. It’s going to be great to have sports back. The last four months have been difficult for all of us but getting sports back starting tonight is a big step in the right direction to hopefully get back to normal life. I’m glad to have so many of you guys back for the start and welcome you new guys who just signed up this week. Let’s get right into the picks for tonight. One thing to note for MLB picks, if we have the starting pitcher’s name in () by the pick, you need to select “this pitcher must start for action” on your sportsbook. If another pitcher starts, the bet does not count. We rely heavily on head to head matchups for MLB. 

5/2 VIP Picks

I add a play and it burns us! Blake Snell has officially been placed on the Do Not Bet List until further notice after getting tagged yesterday. Nuggets and Blazers…

4/29 VIP Picks

4-0, JACKHAMMER hits, 17-2 JACKHAMMER run. KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS! 11-3 weekend with a JACKHAMMER hitting on each day. 10 JACKHAMMERS in the last 10 days. It’s been a GREAT run and we…

3/19 VIP Picks

Well best case scenario was 2-0 with the JACKHAMMER hitting. Worst case scenario was for those of you who locked in the Lightning/Pistons parlay before it was announced that Blake…

3/1 VIP Picks

The Warriors have cost me $1,500 over the last two days….MONEYLINE not even the spread. What. The. Fuck. It’s officially a cold streak after the third straight losing day yesterday….

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