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VIP Picks 10/17

3-0 3-0 3-0 last night to kick off the weekend right and 2 of our 3 winners paid PLUS money! Let’s build off of that momentum today and take advantage of this full slate of games!  NCAAF: 12:00 EST Teaser Tennessee (0) / Pitt / Mia Over (40.5) – Tennessee […]

VIP Picks 10/16

The Dodgers didn’t hit and the double dip fucks as again. The double dips seem like they are a jinx no matter how gooood they look. Wtf!!! All we can do is keep firing based on the trends.  MLB: 6:07 EST Astros (Valdez) (+120) – A rematch of Game 1 […]

VIP Picks 10/15

1-1 and barely missed the over! No NFL tonight and the College game looks like a coin flip. No starting pitchers announced in the Rays/Astros game yet but we will take a look once those are posted.  MLB: 8:08 EST Dodgers (Kershaw) (-1.5) – Kershaw is such a fucking pussy […]

VIP Picks 10/14

It’s really getting pathetic of the amount of bullshit that has built up for us over the last week. Fuck Altuve. Fuck the Bills. And Fuck the Dodgers (except tonight). MLB: 6:05 EST Dodgers (Urias) (-190) – Risk 1.9 units to win 1 here. Tough spot to take a run […]

VIP Picks 10/13

1-1 yesterday after the Dodgers bullpen decided to serve up lunch in the 9th inning. Great comeback win for the Saints though! Let’s see what we have for tonight. MLB: UPDATED 1:19 EST – Kershaw has been scratched from the start tonight. 6:05 EST Dodgers (Gonsolin) (-134) – Well we […]

VIP Picks 10/11

It’s been a tough week. Let’s target some high percentage plays today.  NFL: 1:00 EST Teaser Chiefs (-5) / Ravens (-5) – The Chiefs will take on the Raiders today who have allowed 30 points per game this season and the Chiefs have averaged about 30 points per game this […]

VIP Picks 10/10

NCAAF: 12:00 EST North Carolina (-3) – The North Carolina offense and QB Sam Howell haven’t performed up to expectations so far this season. However, this will be the first time of the year that they suit up consecutive weeks. They will also match up against a Virginia Tech defense […]

VIP Picks 10/9

It was fun while it lasted, 13 straight NFL winners comes to an end. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. What a sloppy game by the Bucs last night. They were on cruise control in the first half but the second half was miserable. We have ourselves […]

VIP Picks 10/8

0-2 is frustrating but it’s even more frustrating when both teams you bet on had a 3 run lead in the 7th and 9th inning. I felt like yesterday was a blast from the past betting on Korean baseball. Tough gag jobs by both the Astros and Dodgers but I […]

VIP Picks 10/7

1-2 day yesterday but still 4-2 on the week with a plus money play and a JACKHAMMER. The Heat played very sloppy and the Braves starter gave up more runs in 3 innings than he did in any start this season. On to today. MLB: 3:35 EST Astros (Urquidy) (-107) […]

VIP Picks 10/6

3-0! We have now won 13 straight NFL bets! No one out there is having the success that we are having. Some may claim to but no one else has the proven documentation of the picks before the games and hundreds of VIP members logging in every day to see […]

VIP Picks 10/6

3-0! We have now won 13 straight NFL bets! No one out there is having the success that we are having. Some may claim to but no one else has the proven documentation of the picks before the games and hundreds of VIP members logging in every day to see […]

VIP Picks 10/6

3-0! We have now won 13 straight NFL bets! No one out there is having the success that we are having. Some may claim to but no one else has the proven documentation of the picks before the games and hundreds of VIP members logging in every day to see […]

VIP Picks 10/6

3-0! We have now won 13 straight NFL bets! No one out there is having the success that we are having. Some may claim to but no one else has the proven documentation of the picks before the games and hundreds of VIP members logging in every day to see […]

VIP Picks 10/3

Tough day for us yesterday with the trends not coming through. An 0-2 day won’t kill you when you’re still 16-6-1 over the last 7 days. Let’s get into this College Football Saturday!  12:00 EST Florida / South Carolina Over (57.5) – The Gators put up 51 points themselves last […]

VIP Picks 10/2

Adding 1 play as of 4:31 EST. Cubs aren’t off to a great start and the NBA game seems TOO obvious tonight. If we hit this added play before the NBA game starts, I’ll send out one play on the NBA game. Like I said, it seems too obvious. 7:00 […]

VIP Picks 9/25

1-2 last night and I have to apologize that I let the mustache fool me after the first two weeks. He fucking SUCKED last night and so did the Jaguars defense. No excuses though I went with the trends so I’ll take those losses on the chin. Good NBA over […]

VIP Picks 9/24

1-2 last night after the Celts played horrible and lost by 3. The positive note on the night is that the Tampa parlay paid +164 so we lost less than half a unit. Not saying a losing night is acceptable but not as bad as it could have been thanks […]

9/23 VIP Picks

2-1 last night with the Nuggets going over 104 and the MLB parlay hitting at plus money with a 12-1 winner and 6-1 winner. On to Wednesday! MLB: Parlay 7:05 EST Cubs (Hendricks) ML / Astros (Greinke) ML (+125) – The Cubs have clinched a playoff berth but they are […]

VIP Picks 9/21

2-2-1 thanks to the Bills letting the Dolphins in the back door, the Dodgers, and the Chiefs for pushing at -3. Our NFL picks improve to 12-2-1 on the season. More NFL action tonight and Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  NHL: 8:00 EST Lightning (-155) – The Lightning […]

VIP Picks 9/16

1-1 last night with a bad hockey pick but a good NBA pick. The Nuggets team Total was a close one but them having a double digit lead in the 4th was the worst case scenario for us. Glad we hit it to split on the night. 4-1 to start […]

VIP Picks 9/15

Well shit can we just bet NFL everyday? Last week was a struggle but then NFL Sunday hit and we go on a 7-0 run for straight picks with the only loss coming on a long shot 6 team parlay. 2 more days until Week 2 of the NFL season. […]

VIP Picks 9/14

Well we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the NFL Season. Our straight picks have started 5-0. Our two losses came on a player prop Thursday Night and the 6 team parlay from yesterday. Lucky for us, we have a Monday Night Football double header tonight and we […]

VIP Picks 9/13

It’s been a terrible week and thank you to those of you who have reminded me each day. Should we look back at some of the bullshit from this week? – Team with .383 avg vs opposing starter loses – Team with .348 avg vs opposing starter loses – Blatant […]

9/12 VIP Picks

2-2 Friday wasn’t exactly what we were looking for but tough to win when you leave 22 guys on base @braves. The White Sox has their chance to cover as well. Taking the day off from MLB today and focusing on COLLEGE FOOTBALL, NHL, & NBA. It’s been “one of […]

9/11 VIP Picks

2-3 on the night but the good news was that we started the NFL season 2-1. The baseball and basketball pick shit the bed. Rockets only mustered up 41 points in the first half. It’s been a rough week for us but nothing that a HUGE weekend can’t fix and […]

VIP Picks 9/10

2-1 last night and I won’t beat a dead horse about the Celtics losing. Profitable night but it should have been bigger. A step in the right direction as we head into the NFL season tonight! Let’s see what we’ve got! MLB: 3:40 EST Team Total Astros Over (3.5) – […]

VIP Picks 9/9

Some of you could be arrested for what you said to me in the DMs last night. Luckily I have thick skin and I’ll be right back to work for you today. When a team has a .383 avg against an opposing starter, you smash that. When a team has […]

VIP Picks 9/8

1-1 yesterday and we lose a little on the juice. If we swept the early games we would have gone 3-0 because most of you know what play was going to be added. The Braves fucked up right from the start. They had a 2-0 lead, runners on 1st & […]

VIP Picks 9-7

1-1-1 is never fun. Especially when you settle with a push on an over when a star player plays like absolute shit. Indians were a good play on the diamond and the Astros were not. Let’s get our week started strong here with these two good looking plays. If we […]

VIP Picks 9/6

Straight picks go 1-2 on the night so not a great night for us with a bad game by the Celtics and the Braves lost. Looking to close out the week in a big way today, let’s see what we’ve got! MLB: 1:10 EST Indians (Bieber) (-1.5) – I’m a […]

VIP Picks 9/5

2-2 last night but should have been 3-1, we should have taken the over in the Stars/Avs game but the Avs were looking good going into the game. Today we have a full slate of action for a Saturday so let’s get right into the picks! NBA: 6:30 EST Celtics […]

VIP Picks 9/4

I am beyond annoyed with the last 6 minutes of the UAB and Central Arkansas game. The first touchdown Central Ark scored was clearly not a catch and the refs didn’t even review it. Maybe they don’t review due to Covid? Then Central Ark marched down the field and scored […]

VIP Picks 9/3

2-1 night and really just missed a couple open net chances in the hockey game where we could have settled for a 2-0 night with a push on the hockey over. Any sports bettor with a brain took the over in that game with the recent scores between those teams. […]

VIP Picks 9/2

0-2 stings but we are chasing 1 on the week and it’s only Wednesday. Everyone take a deep breath and let’s go into Wednesday night with confidence.  NHL: 8:00 EST Avalanche / Stars Over (6) – All 5 games in this series have gone over 6 with total scores of […]

VIP Picks 9/1

Should we start with the good or the bad? I guess bad, I have a sour taste in my mouth after missing the Bucks / Heat over by 5 points when there were 70 points scored in the first quarter. Shout out to Giannis for only scoring 3 points in […]

8/31 VIP Picks

2-1 yesterday to close the week out strong and finish 11-6 on the week. I’ll be the first to point the finger that we could have had a better week if we didn’t have to deal with some of the postponed games in the second half of the week. It […]

8/30 VIP Picks

Ahhh the two early plays go down yesterday with the jackhammer losing. White Sox were in good position late but pretty much fell on their fucking face before teasing us in the 9th. It happens, we can’t control the games, we can just take the trends that look as good […]

8-29 VIP Picks

0-1 yesterday but 7-3 on the week! The protests have slowed us down over the last couple of days but sports are back in full force today and we are going for a HUGE Saturday! MLB: 1:10 EST Twins (Dobnak) (-155) – The third time is a charm! We have […]

VIP Picks 8-28

No action yesterday due to the games that were cancelled. We come into Friday on a 7-2 run this week and look to close out the weekend strong! MLB: 1:10 EST GAME 1 Twins (Dobnak) (-154) – The Twins will face the Tigers, Matthew Boyd, and his 8.48 ERA. Boyd […]

VIP Picks 8-27

3-0 on hump day to improve to 7-2 on the week! The only thing that slowed us down was the fact that 2 guaranteed winners in our Cali Green parlay got postponed so we didn’t cash in the +170 but still settled for A’s moneyline 😀. We expected the Avs […]

VIP Picks 8-26

2-1 last night improves us to 4-2 on the week. We got to enjoy a NO HITTER from Lucas Giolito last night for our White Sox run line play. The Astros early play was easy money after they got up 5-0 in the first inning even though it got a […]

VIP Picks 8/25

2-1 to start the week and I hope the gambling instinct kicked in for a few of you to parlay the Heat and Lakers at -126 after the Rays dropped the day game. Great win for the Astros and always nice when you hit a hockey over before the end […]

Sports Picks 8/24 VIP

Everyone take a deep breath, the weekend is officially over. What a bad weekend it was but some things didn’t go our way that should have and here we are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as pissed as all of you but I still stand by the research and […]

Sports Picks 8-23 VIP

Rough day for us but still 5-5 since Thursday so it’s really not as bad as it seems. We lost one play thanks to a UFC judge and another because a team went 2-10 with runners in scoring position. That was the difference between 3-1 and 1-3. Let’s close the […]

Sports Picks 8-22 VIP

1-2  last night with the hammer going down. A bit of a shock with the trends we had and the fact that they were up 5-0 in the 3rd inning before giving up 10 unanswered. Let’s bounce back today and close the week out with a string weekend.  MLB: 4:10 […]

Sports Picks 8-21 VIP

3-0 with a JACKHAMMER last night! KABOOOM! That is going to kickstart a HUGE weekend for us. Astros were underdogs at +120, Indians went 1-12 with runners in scoring position and STILL won by 2 runs, and of course the L.A. parlay hit at -116 odds. Happy Friday boys, I […]

Sports Picks 8-20

2-3 night with the Red Sox actually winning a game, Dodgers losing to Seattle, and the Philly Montreal game going over for the first time in their series. Atleast the JACKHAMMER hit so it wasn’t a terrible night. We are in a prime spot to make a good run Thurs-Sun […]

Sports Picks 8-19 VIP

Ahhhhhh not the kind of day you ever want to see, the reverse sweep. We were aggressive and 2 of the 3 plays were going to pay plus money but it didn’t work out for us. Frankie Montas was a DISASTER and the Lakers came up lame. My ears are […]

Sports Picks 8-18 VIP

2-1 last night with the JACKHAMMER hitting 🔨 +3.25 units for those of you who tripled down on the hammer. 10-1 in our last 11 MLB picks. We were 1 run away from a 3-0 night. Much better start to the week than last week! Let’s build off of it […]

Sports Picks 8-17 VIP

1-1 yesterday but we still had a great week with winning days Wed, Thurs, Fri, & Sat with that 4-0 day Wed, plus money parlays, and the JACKHAMMER on Sat. Let’s get right into the picks for another winning week!  NBA: Parlay Raptors ML / Celtics ML (-146) – Two […]

Sports Picks 8-16 VIP

Getting these picks out for Sunday earlier than usual because I’ll be tied up with a few things in the morning. The MLB pick is based on projected lineups. The hockey stats speak for themselves. As of right now we are 1-1 on the day with the JACKHAMMER hitting but […]

Sports Picks 8-15 VIP

Straight plays go 2-1 yesterday with another plus money winner. The long shot parlay went 7 out of 8 with the Mets game voided since deGrom got scratched. Make sure you are adding “selected” pitcher must start for your mlb bets. That means that the team you bet on must […]

Sports Picks 8-14 VIP

1-1 last night but we still finished making money with our (+143) parlay hitting. A $100 bettor still profited $43 last night and a $1,000 bettor still profited $430 last night. Not bad for a 1-1 night. Bruins got boned by an elbowing call that led to a goal but […]

Sports Picks 8-13

KOOOOOOFSPORTS! Much needed 4-0 day yesterday and feeling a lot better than we were after some bad beats on Monday or Tuesday. There’s still work to do this week but we are in a much better spot after going 4-0 yesterday! A lot of MLB teams have a day off […]

Sports Picks 8-12 VIP

1-2 let down with 2 bad beats. We had the winning run on 3rd base in the 8th inning for our over despite the fact that both teams went 4-16 with runners in scoring position. Astros were up 6-5 in the 9th with a runner on 2nd and Altuve up […]

Sports Picks 8/11 VIP

Not the first time we have gone 0-3 and it won’t be the last. I still stand by the Sox and Dodgers plays as those looked good but the trends just didn’t come through for us. Apparently the Dodgers lineup is REALLY good until they get runners in scoring position […]

8/10 Sports Picks VIP

Straight plays go 2-1 yesterday but we missed our 8 to 1 payout parlay by 1 team (fucking Twins!). Still a nice close to the week with the jackhammer hitting but 8 to 1 parlay would have been niiiice. New week starts today so let’s see what we have to […]

Sports Picks 8-9 VIP

Man I went from feeling pretty good when it looked like we had a 2-0 start to the day to feeling like a fucking asshole when we went 1-3. Blown lead and flying kicks can do that to you 🤷🏻‍♂️ Need a winning day today so let’s go and get […]

Sports Picks 8-8 VIP

Well we started slow yesterday but all of you who follow on social media dropped the JACKHAMMER on the Dodgers -1.5 who won 7-2. That salvaged the day for us and even made it profitable if you tripled down on it. NBA and NHL look like toss ups today but […]

Sports Picks 8-7 VIP

Ahh 1-2 last night so we need to close the week out strong with a good weekend. I’m more concerned with the fact that some of you guys are still experiencing log in issues. Due to that, I’m going to have the picks emailed out to the email you signed […]

Sports Picks 8-6 VIP

Another 2-1 night but unfortunately the JACKHAMMER lost. The Astros had a 4-0 lead before allowing the Diamondbacks (who were averaging 2 runs per game) to score 9 runs in one fucking inning. Unbelievable series of events. Not sure how Dusty Baker could possibly wait as long as he did […]

Sports Picks 8-5 VIP

2-1 last night and both of our winners paid plus money! Both the White Sox and Cubbies made us sweat it out a little bit but they got the job done! “No way no how” the Clippers lose right? HA. Tough day for NBA betting with favs going 0-6 against […]

Sports Picks 8-4 VIP

KOOOOOFSPORTS! Always nice to start the week with a BANG! 2-1 last night with the JACKHAMMER hitting easily. The Pacers let the Wiz hang around for the first quarter but jumped out to a 22 points lead in the second half. The Yankes hit a leadoff homerun and got out […]

Sports Picks 8-3 VIP

Not a great weekend for us with losing days on Saturday and Sunday for -3 units. Shocking how bad the Rays were and the Cubs won but didn’t cover the run line for us. The new runner on 2nd base in extra innings is going to kill a lot of […]

Sports Picks 8-2 VIP

2-3-1 night for us was a bit of a let down but we had some tough luck. The UFC fight should have been stopped in the second round but it wasn’t. It took the Lakers about half of the first quarter to score their first point of the game. The […]

Sports Picks 8-1 VIP

Don’t ever count us out. The early action was not looking for us last night with the Sox/Yanks going wayyyyy under and the Braves were getting pounded at the time. A few of you made it a point to let me know those picks sucked and I agreed at the […]

Sports Picks 7-31 VIP

2-1 night last night but the (+140) L.A. parlay was a nice one to hit! Shocking the Twins were shut down after how good they have been swinging the bats. Bieber was dominant for the Indians. The Orioles team total was probably the easiest bet of the season for us […]

Sports Picks 7-30 VIP

There’s two groups of people in the world. People who back down and walk away when things don’t go their way for a few days. Then there are people who find absolute LOCKS and double or triple down on them! What a night last night! 4-1 if you hit the […]

MLB Picks 7-29 VIP

It is so 2020 for Homer Bailey to come out and dominate the Cardinals who have absolutely pounded him in the past. Same goes for Senzatela to put together the performance he did. 3 losing days in a row is officially a cold streak. However, it’s not as bad as […]

MLB Picks 7-28 VIP

0-1 to start the week but we also had TWO games cancelled yesterday. The Yankees had a great matchup against the Phillies but the game was cancelled due to Covid-19. The Indians team total looked good and we knew there was a chance of weather going into that one. I […]

MLB Picks 7-27 VIP

Brutal way to close out the week yesterday getting swept. Maybe the Reds aren’t really what they are all cracked up to be. The Astros 15 game winning streak against the Mariners was snapped. The Cardinals came out flat. Like I always say, can’t be ashamed by an 0-3 day. […]

MLB Picks 7-26 VIP

2-2 on VIP picks yesterday. What was up with the Red Sox? 13 runs on Friday and just came out flat yesterday. Note to self, Martin Perez STILL fucking sucks! The Reds were in control most of the game until they gagged away the lead late. We won’t win everyday, […]

Sports Picks 7-25 VIP

2-1 last night and now 4-1 to start the season. We have officially added the Phillies to the shit list. Just like last season, they looked so good in the matchup and just fell flat on their fucking faces. The other picks were on point with the Cardinals and Astros […]

MLB Picks 7-24-20 VIP

2-0 to start the season although some of you didn’t get the action on the Dodgers because Kershaw was scratched. So what did we learn from yesterday’s games? Covid is going to play a big part this season. Juan Soto was scratched due to testing positive the day of the […]

MLB Opening Night Picks 7-23

MLB Opening Night Picks

KofSports VIP Members,  The return of American sports begins tonight with MLB Opening Night! We will have NBA and NHL in the next week to week in a half as well. It feels great to be back. It’s going to be great to have sports back. The last four months […]

A look back at Game 7 of the 2019 World Series

We are two days away from the long awaited return of MLB. Not just MLB but American team sports in general. KofSports MLB analysis is better than anyone else that you will find in the sports betting industry. No one else has the knowledge or puts in the time to […]

VIP Blog Re-Opening Update – KofSports

Where do I begin? What a fucking terrible time to be a sports fan. It has been torture since March dealing with this Covid Pandemic. I hope that all of you and your families are in good health and making it through these tough times. With light at the end […]

NFL Draft Best Bets

Happy NFL Draft, I wish that you guys are all in good health! We hit a nice horse bet last Saturday and we would have went 2-0 if the second horse wasn’t scratched. The draft offers us the closest thing we have had to live sports action in a while […]

Florida Derby Pick

The Florida Derby is known as the road to the Kentucky Derby and although that road will be a bit longer this year due to the Corona Virus causing the Kentucky Derby to be delayed until September, the road starts today at 6:36 p.m. EST. I have only made two […]

No Sports Update

Where to even begin? The last 24 hours have drowned us in terrible news that we will not have sports to bet on for the foreseeable future. There are all sorts of emotions pulling in a million different directions but the only way to truly sum it up is to […]

NHL Picks 3-5-20

2-1 on the day yesterday or 3-1 for those of you who took the Celtics anyways :). Either way it’s a step in the right direction for us as we are making up for Monday and Tuesday. Let’s build off of it and see what we have tonight! NHL: 7:00 […]

Sports Picks 3-4-20

Cross Sport Parlay: 7:30 EST Heat ML / Avalanche ML (-131) – The heat have put together 3 wins in a row with 2 of the 3 being impressive wins over the Mavericks and the first place Bucks. They just beat the Bucks by 16 on Monday night. They will […]

NHL & NBA Picks 3-1-20

Not a good Saturday after a huge Friday but overall we had ourselves another profitable February and we are on to March! Plenty more NBA and NHL action, MARCH MADNESS (my bracket pool is now open DM to sign up), and of course – MLB! It’s going to be another […]

NHL Picks 2-28-20

2-1 last night but the Lightning cost us the jackhammer. We are in need of a big weekend so let’s get it started tonight!! NHL: 7:00 EST Avalanche (-105) – Tremendous value on the Avalanche tonight. They are on the road but the Hurricanes have lost their last 3 home […]

CBB & NBA VIP Picks 2-24-20

Well a better day than Saturday going 2-0-1 but I’m still salty about settling for the push on the Celtics Lakers over when there were 18 missed foul shots. The fucking King himself missed 5 of them. We will take the 2-0 and move onto Monday where we have been […]

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