5/5/20 VIP Picks

Horses sucked over the weekend but we have the Korean Baseball Organization starting up tomorrow (1 a.m. EST) and that provides more opportunity to bet on baseball. The team consists…

5/2 VIP Picks

I add a play and it burns us! Blake Snell has officially been placed on the Do Not Bet List until further notice after getting tagged yesterday. Nuggets and Blazers…

4/29 VIP Picks

4-0, JACKHAMMER hits, 17-2 JACKHAMMER run. KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFSPORTS! 11-3 weekend with a JACKHAMMER hitting on each day. 10 JACKHAMMERS in the last 10 days. It’s been a GREAT run and we…

3/19 VIP Picks

Well best case scenario was 2-0 with the JACKHAMMER hitting. Worst case scenario was for those of you who locked in the Lightning/Pistons parlay before it was announced that Blake…

3/1 VIP Picks

The Warriors have cost me $1,500 over the last two days….MONEYLINE not even the spread. What. The. Fuck. It’s officially a cold streak after the third straight losing day yesterday….

Our VIP picks section includes 2-5 picks per day for major American sports in season. All of our VIP picks are premium paid content. These are sports betting tips that are useful for any type of sports bettor. If you are new to betting, we help teach you the basics. If you are a seasoned veteran, we provide stats and trends to help you win consistently. 

How our sports betting tips work:

All VIP picks for the day are posted on the VIP page for all members to see the same picks. VIP members log in to see the picks, stats, and in depth analysis. Once the games are complete, the picks are then viewable by the general public. 


We have had the same system since 2015 and that has built our credibility. Any time people buy the picks, they see the same picks and analysis posted on social media after the fact. With so many sports bettors buying our picks, there is no way that we could falsify our results. The picks are posted on the blog each day for all members to see the same picks. All picks are documented. It’s simple as that.

What kind of information do you provide with the sports betting tips?

We won’t give away all of our secrets here because there are a lot of handicappers trying to replicate what we do. We like to say that we are often replicated but never duplicated. The main reason for that is the valuable information that we offer with our picks. Whether it’s a trend we see on a starting pitcher over his last 5 starts or an NFL team on their second straight road game. We take a look at every possible thing that will effect the outcome of the games and we address the most important factors in a quick summary for each pick. These sports betting tips come with loads of information that take hours to piece together, you won’t find it all in one place anywhere else in the industry. 

What’s the difference between VIP Picks and Daily Picks?

This is a question we get a lot with the addition of the Daily Picks. As we continue to grow, our followers want more content. The VIP Picks membership will get you access to the 2-5 picks on the VIP blog each day. The Daily Picks are separate and those are typically buy individually or in combo packs. We do offer special deals on Daily Picks for VIP members frequently. It is important to note that if we have a VIP pick and Daily pick on the same game, they are the same pick. It’s not like we are double dipping. Just so we are clear. 

What are the benefits of being a KofSports VIP member?

The benefits are endless. Obviously with our track record of a 60% win rate, winning is the #1 benefit. There is much more than just winning. The consistent analysis and different angles that we break the game down by helps you build knowledge of each sport. We are sports experts and follow each sport more closely than 99% of the people on this Earth. Our goal is to share our knowledge and the ways that we predict the matchups. The VIP page has a community feel to it, we are all in this together. Each day, we start off by reviewing the previous days results before we get into the picks for the current day. Another major benefit of being a VIP member is the one on one interaction. We build relationships with each one of our VIP members and are always available for one on one reviews. Being a VIP member will simply help you win more and become a better sports bettor. Period.

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